The Morningcrest Library exists to help visitors with health-related questions and to provide information about community-based resources.  In order to provide the best experience for everyone:

  • No unattended children are allowed in the library. The definition of a child is anyone under 18 years of age.
  • No child may use electronic equipment without the parent’s permission. Parents are responsible for the appropriate use of all electronics.
  • For computer use and internet access, adults must produce a photo ID, sign in, and agree to the terms of the Library computer use policy. Librarians reserve the right to limit the time, monitor the use, and limit the number of pages printed from the computers.
  • Patients with information referrals from their physician, or those who have health-related questions, receive priority access to the computers over those with other information needs.
  • We respect your privacy, but cannot guarantee that you will be the only library vistor at any given time.   Please be aware of this when discussing your medical information with the librarian.
  • Although this is a public area, it is still a library. Please see that your children use “inside voices” during your visit and keep cell phone conversations to a minimum.
  • All activities in the library are recorded on video and may be reviewed by Tulsa Police who serve as security on the OU-Tulsa campus.

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