Healthy Living

Congratulations! If you are visiting this page, you are taking steps to learn about better health. Find a topic and READ ON!

  • I want to learn about healthy food choices.
  • I want to become more active
  • I want to have a healthy baby.
  • I want to stop smoking.
  • I want to stop getting drunk or high.
  • I want to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses.
  • I want to know more about my illness or health condition.

Keep in mind that Medline Plus provides reliable information from the National Institute of Health. There is an “easy to read” section that includes many major health topics as well as a collection of videos and interactive tutorials for those who prefer media to print.

For access to professional literature, search the PubMed database. The library has subscriptions to many of the journals. Please contact us at 918-660-3224 to help you locate full text of articles.


Contact the Morningcrest Health Library through our contact form or by calling 918-660-3224.