February is Heart Month

With big red boxes of chocolate filling grocery store aisles and jewelry commercials promising sparkly diamond gifts that will be forever (at least the payments are guaranteed to last a long time), we greet the month of February. Ahhhh. Love is everywhere.

So is heart disease. BOOM! Leave it to me to explode the romance bubble, right? But, how are you going to enjoy your Valentine if your heart is not in it? Seriously. Think about it.

The American Heart Association uses this special time of year to raise awareness about the number one cause of death for both men and women in America: cardiovascular disease. The term refers to conditions including heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. Nearly half of us have at least one major risk factor associated with heart disease. While there are things like family history and age that we cannot control, there are many steps we can take to show our hearts some love. Heart.org posts a cool infographic which includes seven keys to prevention, all of which are standard advice for anyone looking to better her or his health.

For a reality check, scroll to the bottom and see how you answer part 3: Am I Making an Effort or Making Excuses?  Yeah. Me too. It’s OK. February starts today. We have an entire month to improve! Only 13 days to adjust to Valentine’s Day though….


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